Brownshirt Leader Praises Trump’s Tactical Nous

Support for President Donald Trump’s deployment of irregular troops onto the streets of Portland has come from a surprising source.

“It takes me back to the good old days when we battled commies in the streets of Berlin and Munich in ’32,” Ernst Röhm wrote on his Facebook page on Friday.

Röhm, who largely dropped from sight after Hitler had him killed in June 1934, has made a comeback recently with posts praising Trump for “making the streets ungovernable so citizens will turn to a strongman for protection .”

His Facebook posts have become required reading in recent weeks on alt-right forums such as “Braunhemden for Trump” and “Don’s Weimar Warriors”.

“I never thought it would happen, but another tactical genius has arisen,” Röhm wrote in a recent post. ‘We are witnessing an historical rebirth.”

“The president’s tactics of causing anarchy on the streets to propel good, property-owning citizens into the arms of a strong, law & order leader could have been cut & pasted from the Fuhrer’s playbook.”

“He’s even created concentration camps in the desert to hold the commie, Negro troublemakers.”

The White House said in a statement that, while the president had never met Röhm, he “appreciated the input of a man with such an outstanding public record.”




3 replies on “Brownshirt Leader Praises Trump’s Tactical Nous”

Wow this is so interesting! Röhm was born in 1887 which makes 133 years old! And still using Facebook no less?! No wait, he died in 1934, shortly before my grandmothers and grandfathers entire families were destroyed in the holocaust. If this is supposed to be funny, it’s not. If it’s supposed to be witty, it misses the mark entirely. I’m happy to get into why you’re so dead wrong about underlying message but for now i would say there’s nothing funny about exhuming nazis to make your political points.

You know what I love most about Trump supporters? Their sense of humor. The probably get it from the boss

That’s where you’re wrong, it’s not just Trump supporters. Most people with half a brain and a little understanding of history will never see any humor in Nazis. (Also the whole “Trump is Hitler” thing is pretty tiresome.) But what I love most about the Left is that nothing is off-limits.

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