Germany demands return of reparations during PM’s visit

BERLIN – In a shocking development, Germany has informed Israel that it wants its reparations money back after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu absolved it of responsibility for the Holocaust, informed sources told The Kibbitzer.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented Netanyahu with an invoice for $25 billion when the two met in Berlin this week, prior to Netanyahu’s meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the current violence in the region, according to the sources.

“This is probably a lot less than we forked out, but why quibble over the small stuff,” Merkel reportedly said to Netanyahu when she handed over the invoice.

One source quoted the chancellor as also saying, “Get the Mufti to pay,” but that version could not be substantiated.

Sources in the prime minister’s entourage refused to comment.

The Kibbitzer was told by an American official that Kerry returned from his meeting with Netanyahu muttering, “If he think’s I’m going to add it to the Iran bill he’s out of his fucking mind.”