Israel stands by France in its time of need

The Israeli Chief Rabbinate is preparing to send a team of experts to Paris to check the kashrut of the city’s mezuzot in the wake of Friday’s massacre, The Kibbitzer has learned.

“We expect to find at least 129 non-kosher mezuzot in Paris,” said Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, the rabbinate’s spokesman. “Perhaps more.”

Elyashiv denied speculation that the delegation from the rabbinate would include Rabbi Dov Lior, the controversial former chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba, whose reaction to the massacre was: “The wicked ones in blood-soaked Europe deserve it for what they did to our people 70 years ago.”

“The Holocaust may have been a contributory factor, but we believe that non-kosher mezuzot were the primary cause of the killing,” Elyashiv said.

“The last thing we want to do is send mixed messages to the goyim. So for now we’re concentrating on the mezuzot.”

In Jerusalem, meanwhile, sources in the Prime Minister’s Bureau said that Benjamin Netanyahu was “deeply disappointed” at the failure of French President Francois Hollande to arrange a march of international leaders through the streets of Paris.

“What better way of showing Israel’s solidarity with the French people than having Bibi push his way into the front row of a march and wave gaily at Jews lining the route?” one source asked. “It’s a real missed opportunity.”