Use of Nazi brand provokes German ire

The Hamburg-based Nazi Preservation Society has criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other prominent Israelis for what it called “cheapening its brand.”

“The persistent use of Nazi analogies when discussing parochial issues like labelling goods or removing products from shelves has the effect of cheapening our brand in the eyes of the public,” the society said in an open letter published in Die Lüge am Sonntag newspaper.

“We worked very hard and made many sacrifices to build the Nazi brand up to what it is today,” the letter continued. “We respectfully urge others to build up their own brands, rather than piggy-backing on ours.”

Eitan Schwartz, acting chairman of Israelis for Nazifying Everything, a non-profit organization, dismissed the society’s appeal saying, “let them show us their copyright.”

“We’re sick and tired of being dictated to by the Germans,” Schwartz added. “It’s a free world now and they won’t tell us what is Nazi and what isn’t.”

A spokesman for the prime minister said that Netanyahu’s use of the Nazi brand was “judicious and well within the boundaries of ‘fair exception.’”