Israel Offered Use of Yellow Star to Brand Leftist NGOs

JERUSALEM – The Munich-based Society for Nazi Signs & Symbols has offered Israel free use of its trademarked yellow star to tag members of left-wing Israeli NGOs when they visit the Knesset.

Legislation providing for the labelling of the NGOs was approved by the Government Legislative Committee today, clearing its way for a Knesset vote.

“We fully endorse your intention to publicly identify Jews,” the society said in an email to Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the sponsor of the bill. “As a sign of our support, we will waive all fees and royalties on your use of the yellow star for this noble purpose.”

“The yellow star has proved highly effective at branding Jews in the past,” the email continued, “and we are confident it will make a positive contribution to your cause, as well.”

The Kibbitzer was unable to get a response from Minister Shaked before going to press.