Trump to put presidency in blind trust

President-elect Donald Trump has decided to put the presidency into a blind trust while he runs his businesses, The Kibbitzer has learned.

“Determined to find an ethical solution to the situation, he has decided to put the presidency into the trust of someone he doesn’t know, like Ivanka or Jared,” according to a highly-placed source in the Trump transition team.

“When he’s in Washington he’ll stay in the Trump White House and, of course, he’ll fly around in Trump Air Force One, get to be called Mr. President, run the Trump POTUS Twitter account and all that stuff, but the Oval Office side of things will be in a blind trust,” the source added.

“No-one will be able to say that the Trump presidency benefited from his businesses.”

Professor Julian Norton of Penn State University’s political science department told The Kibbitzer that there was no precedent for a president putting the presidency in a blind trust, though “it’s an idea that could have legs.”

“I bet both Nixon and Clinton, to name just two, would have been only too happy to put the presidency on hold while pursuing their extra-mural or nocturnal activities,” Prof. Norton said.