Satirists Say Netanyahu Hurting Their Business

The Association of Israeli Satirists has launched a class action lawsuit against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of appropriating their income and causing grievous emotional distress.

“For some time now, the prime minister has been practicing self-satire rather than politics,” the association said in its suit, which was filed with the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday.

“By making himself appear ridiculous, Mr. Netanyahu is depriving us of our rightful role and therefore damaging our earning ability.”

The association added that Netanyahu’s “unprecedented influence with the media in his capacity as Minister of Communications also constitutes unfair commercial competition.”

Sources in the association told The Kibbitzer that the trigger for the lawsuit was the prime minister’s recent comment to settlers facing eviction that he felt their pain because he, too, had been evicted from his home (the official residence) following his loss in the 1999 election.

In a statement issued in Baltimore, the American Association of Satirists (AAS) said that it was watching the case in Israel closely, with an eye to filing a similar suit against president-elect Donald Trump.