EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Sara’s Dirty Washing

The dirty washing that Sara Netanyahu had laundered in Washington last week consisted of PPE from Ichilov Hospital and items of clothing left behind by Balfour Street demonstrators, the First and Only Lady said in a statement issued this morning.

“I normally wash the protesters’ clothing by hand in the bathtub before ironing it and handing it back,” the statement quoted her as saying. “But it was essential that I go make peace with the IUD and Burundi so I decided to do it in Washington instead.”

“Imagine my surprise,” Sara continued, “when I got back to Blair House after the signing ceremony and found that someone had ransacked my bags and done all the washing. I was devastated.”

The PM’s wife added that the management of Ichilov Hospital had been “utterly delighted” when she volunteered to take some of its PPE for washing, “seeing that I had some extra room in my bags.”

Mrs. Netanyahu is now in quarantine after her trip to the US. Sources in the Prime Minister’s Residence told The Kibbitzer that she is spending her time helping out the domestic staff with their housework and crocheting quilts for the children of immigrants from Africa.



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As revolting as Bibi and Sara may be, the protests on Balfour don’t seem to be affecting anything. I’m puzzled why no one in Israeli politics has been able to step forward and offer a viable and credible alternative to the Likud scenario.

Jesus, Pete, even a two-year-old who’s been through the pandemic knows it stands for Personal Protection Equipment – masks etc.

Eric – My take is that the protests have driven Bibi to distraction and account to a large extent for his inept handling of the pandemic. As to why there isn’t a viable political alternative – that’s been the question since 1948. The political system could have been invented in Sparta – it kills alternatives at birth.

I had a weird thought. Perhaps Israel now having the world’s highest rate of Covid infection is due to packed ultraorthodox religious assembly, packed Left-wing protests, premature return of kids to school and a Prime Minister who chooses to do whatever it takes to stay in office, regardless of the cost in Israeli lives. Sorry to share such a worthless conjecture on impulse.

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