EXCLUSIVE: New Government Caps Successful Clinical Trial

The creation of a new government in Israel was the successful outcome of a clinical trial conducted over the past few months, The Kibbitzer has learned.

The trial, conducted by a wide spectrum of mental health experts, tested the efficacy and safety of social interaction methodologies and group emotional support sessions in treating patients suffering from PBSD, a rare syndrome found only in Israel.

“We weren’t certain that it would work,” Prof. Yair Lapid, the trial’s convenor, told The Kibbitzer.

“Post-Bibi Stress Disorder is a mental disorder provoked by exposure to severe Bibi trauma. Normal treatment methods have had only limited success. But I had an inkling that if PBSD sufferers spent enough time with each other, sparks would begin to fly.”

The Kibbitzer understands that the initial trial group comprised a number of severe PBSD cases – among them a former general, a former settlement leader and high-tech whizz and a former Moldovan bouncer – with others who were not suffering from PBSD but were able to empathize.

There was also a control group convened by Dr. R. Rivlin, which used the same clinical methodologies but was unsuccessful in forming a government.

“I don’t want to give the impression that PBSD has been cured,” Prof Lapid cautioned. “Many people are still vulnerable to the trauma. But I think we can say we’ve come up with a successful treatment.”