First black president chooses slavery over emancipation

Well, as was to be expected, Obama chickened out.

Faced by the zionist hordes at the AIPAC conference, Obama backtracked on even the partial independence he had declared two days previously. All it took was a public tantrum by Netanyahu and a couple of days of Israel-inspired threats, and Obama put the chains back on his own ankles. No more emancipation for this president; slavery to the zionists is preferable, especially when there is an election to be won and a reactionary senate to make his life miserable.

It is always unpleasant to see a president kowtowing to the AIPAC hypocrites. It’s as if there’s a patch of non-sovereign territory, a ghetto in the middle of Washington that is not subject to the union and to which the president is obliged to trudge every couple of years to pay obeisance. Ruler in his own land, but a feudal underling in the face of the appalling AIPAC. Americans, so quick to gather to the flag, seem to be willing to have their president insulted by a foreign pipsqueak (Netanyahu) and then called to apologize abjectly to fellow Americans who serve the pipsqueak’s interests.

When it involves the zionists, it’s called lobbying. ¬†Any other group would be behind bars paging through the Patriot Act.

It was pathetic watching Obama debase himself in front of the zionist aparatchiks; to hear him explain that the 67 lines aren’t really the 67 lines and that the US will continue to do as it’s told in the Middle East. In the end, he gave the homage that was expected of him, got some desultory applause in return and was permitted by general consensus to continue doing whatever it is he does for another year or so, on condition he keeps his fucking nose out of Israel’s affairs. (Though the grants, support, credits, guarantees and all the rest have got to be paid, of course. This isn’t a bloody summer camp.)

Is there no-one in the US who sees what’s going on? Is no-one concerned by the fact that an immensely powerful lobby is openly serving foreign interests; interests, moreover, that are inimical to America’s own according to the president himself. It’s no secret that just about everything is hostage to partisan politics in Washington, but surely …?