NGO praises ‘pioneering work’ by lynch mob

TEL AVIV – The actions of a Beersheba horde in beating an innocent Eritrean asylum seeker to death on Sunday have been staunchly defended by a new but fast-growing Israeli non-profit organization.

“It was the only possible response, the Zionist response,” said Shuli Mizrachi, chairman of the Israeli Lynch Mob Association, in an exclusive interview with The Kibbitzer. “If we don’t beat them to death, they’ll never learn.”

Mizrachi described the killers, who beat and kicked the Eritrean after he had been mistakenly shot at the scene of a terror attack, as “pioneers of self-defense.”

“What’s the difference between infiltrators and terrorists anyway?” he said. “They both want to take over Tel Aviv.”

Meanwhile, the Eritrean Refugee Council is considering advising its members to wear yellow armbands to distinguish themselves from terrorists.

“Given that Israelis are incapable to differentiating between shades of brown, we think it might be a good way of indicating that we’re the ones who only want to leech off the population and pollute the Jewish gene pool,” said council head Haile Afwerki.