Israel to label products made in Europe

The Israeli government will shortly issue guidelines for the labeling of European products exported to Israel, The Kibbitzer has learned.

The purpose of the guidelines is to inform Israeli consumers about the origin of the products, thus enabling them to make informed and moral decisions about what they consume.

When the guidelines come into effect, every product will bear the name of the country in which it was manufactured, along with a tag informing the Israeli consumer whether the country of origin is anti-Semitic.

The initial guidelines make provision for two labelling options: “Made in [Country]. (Anti-Semitic according to the Beth Din)” and “Made in [Country]. (Goyim but not necessarily anti-Semitic).”

Further labeling options will be added as necessary, according to Chen Hareven, head of the Economy Ministry’s new Product Labeling Authority. One option being considered is “Made by Righteous Gentiles,” which would be the top category.

“This move is not intended to punish all Europeans,” Hareven insisted in a conversation with The Kibbitzer. “We’re simply fulfilling our obligation to ensure that Israeli consumers are fully informed.”

“If, after seeing the label, Israelis still want to drink wine touched by Nazi hands, that’s their decision and God will punish them accordingly”