Vanunu commiserates with Pollard’s plight

Convicted Israeli nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu has sent an email to Jonathan Pollard, commiserating with the punitive terms of the American spy’s release from prison, The Kibbitzer can reveal.

Vanunu, who was imprisoned for 18 years, has been under surveillance since his release in 2004 and is forbidden to leave Israel or speak with foreigners.

“My brother in espionage,” Vanunu wrote in his email to Pollard. “My advice to you is to join a monastery. It won’t free you from your chains, but at last you won’t be with people who use you for their own political purposes.”

The Kibbitzer was unable to confirm whether Pollard, who is forbidden from using the Internet, received Vanunu’s email.

Renowned American criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz described Pollard’s parole conditions as “totally irrational.”

“He has no classified information, so he should be able to talk to the press, go online and go to Israel,” said Dershowitz, who is not known to have made similar comments on behalf of Vanunu.