ISIS faction threatens to sue Turkey

SINAI — The Islamic State in the Sinai Peninsula, a prominent terrorist organization, is threatening to sue Turkey for copyright violation after Turkish forces downed a Russian plane on Tuesday.

“We did it first and, by the law of precedent, the copyright on downing Russian planes belongs to us,” the group’s spokesman Youssif Abu-Ayat said today from his hideout in the Sinai desert.

“The downing of foreign aircraft is regulated by international convention and we take a very dim view of Turkey’s flagrant disregard for global norms of behavior.”

Abu-Ayat warned that the group would file a suit against Turkey at the International Terrorist Court (ITC) in Raqa if Turkey did not apologize for its transgression and undertake never to repeat it.

“There’s nothing to prevent them from downing Chinese or Bulgarian planes, say,” Abu-Ayat added, “but we’ve got the Russian patent.”