Occupational Therapy gets Radical Makeover in Israel

JERUSALEM – Israel’s Health Ministry announced yesterday that the client-centered health profession  previously known as Occupational Therapy will henceforth be known as Return to the Homeland Therapy.

“The ministry’s management decided that the term Occupational Therapy painted the country in a negative light,” ministry spokesman Avi Ben Haim said at the press conference during which the shock announcement was made.

“It decided, therefore, to change the name to something more relevant and in keeping with the times.”

The certification issued to members of the profession in Israel will henceforth be called the Return to the Homeland Therapy Certificate.

Asked whether the change wouldn’t make life difficult for Israeli Return to the Homeland therapists in their dealings with international colleagues, Ben Haim said: “Our purpose is to enhance the standing of the profession inside Israel. We’re not interested in what the goyim think.”


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