The Kibbitzer Announces its Person of the Year for 2016

Only one day into the new year, The Kibbitzer is already able to announce its Person of the Year for 2016.

An exhaustive poll of the editorial board and millions of devoted readers all over the world came up with one undisputed winner.

The Kibbitzer’s Person of the Year for 2016 is Human Stupidity.

Stupidity is a veteran contender for the title, but has never won it until now. He, or just as easily she, came close in 2015 and in every year, decade, century and millennium before that. But never before has he taken the top spot.

Stupidity is seemingly tireless and an inveterate traveler. In the past 12 months alone, he has visited and cast his prodigious influence over Syria, Afghanistan, the American Bible Belt, Russia, Israel and Palestine and many other countries beside.

He is also extraordinarily well-connected, counting Trump, Putin, al-Baghdadi, Netanyahu, Zuma and dozens of other world leaders among his close associates.

Speaking to The Kibbitzer after being informed of his award, a delighted Stupidity said that he was still setting his agenda for 2016, but he was certain that the old favorites – Syria, Yemen etc. – would feature prominently.

“I’ve very excited about South Africa, in particular,” Stupidity said, “and I’m expecting big things from China and Russia, as well.”

“Of course, if I find that things are slow I always have Netanyahu and his clones to fall back on. So, I’m expecting a fabulous year.”