Poll: Israeli Arabs 100% committed to Israel

One hundred percent of Israeli Arabs (Palestinians living within the Green Line) believe that they are “full partners” in the State of Israel and 102 percent say they are fully and exclusively loyal to the state, according to a new survey released today.

The poll was conducted this morning by the Ministry of Culture and Sport among residents of the town of Arara, where a local man was shot and killed on Friday. The man, Nashat Melhem, was suspected of carrying out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv the previous week in which three people were killed.

Of the 24 people surveyed, 25 said that they felt the presence of armed and masked Israeli security people standing around while they were answering the questions made them feel “even more secure and willing to open up.”

Other results from the poll included: 99.9 percent of the respondents think that the creation of the State of Israel was “the best thing that ever happened to Arabs” and the same amount believe that “Netanyahu is a better friend to the Arabs than Saladin.”

“This comprehensive survey confirms that we have always known,” said Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev in a statement. “The Israeli Arabs understand that only Israel stands between them and the murderous chaos of the Arab world and they appreciate everything that we Jews do for them.”