Israeli Therapists Swamped After Obama Omission

TEL AVIV – A sudden and dramatic spike in requests for psychotherapy sessions was registered in Israel yesterday, according to a statement issued by the Israel Association of Psychotherapeutic Professionals.

“It just went through the roof,” IAPP chairman Doron Grunzweig told The Kibbitzer. “All of a sudden, thousands of people were demanding to see their therapists. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

Grunzweig attributed the surge in demand to U.S. President Barack Obama’s failure to mention Israel in his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night, Israel time.

“It made people very nervous and agitated,” Grunzweig said. “It’s unheard of for an American president to talk for an hour and not mention Israel even once. That sort of thing makes Israelis feel very insecure.”

“It’s learned behavior,” Grunzweig added. “The Republicans have conditioned us to expect expressions of support for Israel every 90 seconds or so. When we don’t get it we feel deprived and rudderless.”

Obama’s failure to mention Israel was “an insult bordering on anti-Semitism,” presidential candidate Ted Cruz said in a statement after the speech. “What union did Obama think he was meant to talk about, anyway?”