Army Planning Daring Initiative to Combat Left-Wing Traitors

The Israeli army is planning to equip all off-duty and reserve soldiers with concealed cameras, to combat dangerous left-wing organizations collecting intelligence that is harmful to the state, The Kibbitzer can reveal today.

“Until now, equipping soldiers with cameras to identify the subversive organizations that approach them for information was a small-scale initiative by patriotic Zionist groups,” a very senior Israel Defense Forces officer told The Kibbtzer.

“Now it will become official policy,” the officer added. “Every off-duty soldier who is approached by a stranger will be able to film the encounter, in case the stranger turns out to be a left-wing agitator determined to undermine the state.”

Israelis these days have no way of knowing who’s an insurgent, the officer noted. “It could be your mother or someone who serves you in a store or even a pretty girl you buy a drink for in a bar. You just don’t know.”

The policy will be announced and implemented once it has been decided whether reserve soldiers should carry the concealed cameras until the age of 45, when they complete their reserve service, or only for the first 10 years after their discharge from the full-time army.