Chief Rabbi Clarifies Statement on Execution of Terrorists

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhal Yosef has issued a correction to his statement during a Torah lesson two weeks ago that “it’s a mitzvah” to kill a terrorist.

“I neglected to include the phrase ‘but not in front of cameras,’” Rabbi Yosef said in a statement issued on Friday. “It was in my original text, but somehow I forgot to mention it.”

“The correct, halachik sentence is, ‘It’s a mitzvah to kill a terrorist, but not in front of cameras or on Shabbat.’”

The rabbi’s statement followed the summary execution of a wounded Palestinian captive by an Israeli soldier in Hebron on Thursday. The incident was filmed by a Palestinian at the scene and distributed on social media.

Some Israelis have explained the soldier’s action by referring to statements condoning the killing of terrorists by Yosef and other prominent Israelis.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, meanwhile, the heirs of Adolf Eichmann rejected the notion that the killing of the Palestinian had been an execution.

“Our Adolf holds the distinction of being the only person executed in Israel and we don’t intend to forfeit that status,” the Eichmann family said in a statement.


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W@at hypocricy from a man who should be a leader of truth. How does the act change whether a camera is present or not? He is more concerned about hiding the facts from man than what G-d sees..

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