The Kibbitzer Owner: Gov’t Incitement Behind Tax Haven Charges

PANAMA CITY – In a strongly-worded statement issued today, the management of The Kibbitzer firmly denied that the proprietor had amassed vast sums of money in an offshore shell account in the British Virgin Islands or that such monies were the product of money laundering or tax evasion.

“The proprietor has no knowledge of a company called Kibbitzer Global Investments, as alleged in the Israeli media today,” the statement said.

“It is possible that the proprietor’s wife established such a company in error while trying to pay the family electricity account online, but all company activity is reported to the tax authorities in Israel and the required tax paid according to law.”

The proprietor may be registered as a shareholder of the company, the statement continued, but he has nothing to do with its activities. It quoted the proprietor as saying that “even if the shares are registered in my name, they are not mine.”

He denied knowledge of any link between the company and the Panama-based Kibbitzer Commercial Bank, of which he also denied all knowledge.

The statement attributed the reports to “the ongoing government crackdown on all progressive and liberal forces in the country.”

“The incitement  started with Breaking the Silence and now they’ve come for The Kibbitzer,” the statement said.