Acting lessons Help Lieberman Say Absurd Words Like ‘Peace’

TEL AVIV – Newly-installed Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has been working with a veteran Israeli actor to help him say words such as “peace” and “two-state solution” without giggling, The Kibbitzer has learned.

“He understands that the job requires he pay lip service to things like the Arab Peace Initiative and the two-state solution,” Habimah stalwart Hanan Saguy, 72, told The Kibbitzer.

“The problem is that the words sound so absurd coming out of his mouth that he can’t help laughing whenever he says them. It often happens to actors; we call it ‘corpsing’”

Saguy said that he had taught Lieberman some breathing exercises and they had worked together to create mental images that would help the minister keep a straight face while uttering absurdities.

“We found that mental images of Border Police beating up kids and Palestinian homes going up in flames work best,” Saguy said. “They help him focus on the positive.”

“He’s been using them while talking about a two-state solution for the past five days and it’s worked brilliantly. He hasn’t cracked up once.”

The next step, Saguy said, is to train Lieberman to listen to a speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu without rolling his eyes and making gagging noises.

“Good acting is not only about saying the words,” he explained. “It’s also about maintaining the correct presence when others are speaking.”