Netanyahu Lauds Bullshitting Boris

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau, he of the Mufti killed the Jews fame, has publicly congratulated Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign in Britain for their “invaluable contribution to the practice of politics worldwide.”

“In the era of do-gooders like Obama, barefaced lying by a politician is no longer held in the esteem it once enjoyed,” Netanyahu said during his opening remarks at the weekly meeting of the Likud Knesset caucus today.

“It is therefore with great pleasure that we note the success of the Leave campaign, based as it was on mendacity, fact-twisting, fear-mongering, contempt for practicalities and abuse of anyone who knows anything.”

The prime minister added that he felt a certain personal satisfaction at the demonization of EU bureaucrats in Brussels, which, he said, “could only have been based on the hatchet job I did on the Arabs before the last elections.”

He concluded by expressing his confidence in “a future led by such men of stature as Johnson, Trump, Zuma and my humble self.”

In Tel Aviv, meanwhile, the editorial board of Yisrael Hayom newspaper paid tribute to Boris Johnson’s “long, hard journey from pompous and self-serving journalist to the acme of political deceit.”