Trump Confuses Palestinians with Pakistanis in call with Abbas

United States President-elect Donald Trump showered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with compliments in a telephone call yesterday before realizing he was talking to the wrong person, The Kibbitzer can report exclusively.

“As I am talking to you, Mr. President, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long,” Trump told Abbas, acccording to the transcript of the conversation, which is being reported exclusively by The Kibbitzer.

“Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities,” Trump continued. “Palestinians are one of the most intelligent people. I’d love to visit your fantastic country and fantastic people.”

At that point, another voice is heard, though the words are unintelligible.

Trump then says, “Whaddya mean Palestinians and Pakistanis aren’t the same thing?” The voice speaks again and Trump is heard saying, “You’re shitting me!”

After a bit more unintelligible conversation with his interlocutor, Trump returns to Abbas.

“Listen, Mr. President,” he says. “You gotta meet my buddy Bibi. A great guy. A really great guy. I’ll get the two of you talking, OK?” Trump then hangs up.

Abbas doesn’t say a word throughout the conversation.

The Prime Minister’s Bureau in Jerusalem issued a statement saying: “If that’s the sort of person Trump thinks is amazing, he can forget about our building the wall against Mexico for him.”