AIPAC Expected to run Israel Under Trump

When they take office, President-elect Donald Trump and his Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson intend privatizing American foreign policy for all non-oil producing countries, The Kibbitzer has learned.

The non-oil countries, which comprise over 90 percent of the total, will be bundled in batches of between five and 10 and awarded to the highest bidder. Trump and Tillerson will continue running US foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia and the other oil producing countries.

No decision has been reached yet regarding Israel. Trump is said to be eager to retain foreign policy toward the Jewish state due to its natural gas reserves, but Tillerman is reported to have said, “It aint oil if you can’t see it.”

Sources have told The Kibbitzer that, in the event that Israel is not included among the oil-producers, US foreign policy toward it will be subcontracted to AIPAC.

“We’ve been running American foreign policy toward Israel for the past three decades,” AIPAC CEO Howard Kohr told The Kibbitzer. “So, there won’t be much change there.”


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Hi Roy
I believe we met about 55-60 years ago (our fathers were in the War together). I don’t recall noticing your sense of humor back then, but my how it has developed! Love the kibbitzer!
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