Kapos Call on Trump to Withdraw Friedman Nomination

The Hamburg-based Former Untermensch Kapo League (known as the FUK League)  has protested to President-elect Donald Trump about his nomination of attorney David Friedman as the next United States ambassador to Israel.

Friedman is known as a supporter of Israeli settlement in the occupied territories. Last June, he described supporters of the liberal Israeli lobby J Street as being “far worse than kapos.”

“We resent being compared to molly-coddled Jews who have never even seen a Nazi, much less kissed the ass of one,” the League wrote in an email to Trump. “After a slur like that, the yid Friedman has proven himself unsuitable for the role.”

“As proud former kapos, we request that you appoint Dave Duke or another of your many neo-Nazi supporters to the ambassadorial position.”

Mr. Friedman was unavailable to respond. His adviser on kapo affairs told The Kibbitzer: “I think they’ve got the wrong end of the shovel. Some of the nominee’s best friends are kapos.”