“This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”
T.S. Eliot

My name is Roy Isacowitz and I am a retired journalist, a writer and a blogger. Born in South Africa, I have lived in Israel for most of my adult life. I currently reside in Tel Aviv, where I write books and hide from the babble.

My recently published biography of my father, “Telling People What They Don’t Want to Hear: A Liberal Life Under Apartheid,” is available on Amazon.

Also available there is my collection of short stories, “The Ingathering of the Exiles: The Adventures of Remarkable Jews in Contemporary Israel”.

My blog, The Kibbitzer is a whimper; a forlorn attempt to get in the last word while all around fascists and madmen are banging away.

It is seriously-intended satire, based on current news in or about Israel and its totalitarian fantasies. If you can’t take a joke, particularly a joke about Israel, I’m sure there are other blogs that will make you happy.

For those unfortunate enough not to have had Yiddish-speaking grandparents, a kibbitzer is a backseat driver – a person who talks a lot and complains a lot but doesn’t actually do much.

Like me.

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Thank you for writing and sharing this blog. It is really important for me to see what is happening in Israel through your eyes. An extra bonus is that I always learn some new English words with you. Hugs!

In about 1978 I met Roy on a bus 63? in Ramat Gan and you told me then that Jock was your father.  Jock was a friend of my father . I think you have done a great service in your book for Jewish South Africans.  You have explained aspects about the time of my parents in SA. We lived in Honey Street, Berea.  I know that my father was involved in canvassing for he Liberal party as we had posters of Ruth Hayman on the wall of our property and battled to get them off after the election. I heard of the Springbok Legion but did not know what it was.  In the late 50s early 60s? the door to our garage broke and we as kids came across old  pamphlets of the Torch Commando .  My mother came home and in a panic lit the combustion stove and burned them all.
There is no Honey Street park instead you must be referring to Mitchell Street Park between York Ave and  Lily Ave. Berea.  Before the days of detergents Sunlight soap big green bars were used for laundry with a strong smell, but blacks used bars of red Lifebouy body soap that had a really pungent smell.

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